Location - Anassa Suites on Naxos Island, Town
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Our Location: Naxos Town

The ANASSA NAXOS SUITES is located at the foot of the Venetian Castle, just 50 meters from the main road leading to the port and 400m from the beach of Agios Georgios, one of the best and most organized beaches on the island. Located in a beautiful and relaxing spot of Naxos Town, next to the main street of the harbor, in the day visitors can enjoy shopping at the beautiful shops of the Old Market and walking through the alleys of the Venetian Castle. After sunset, have a traditional dinner at the taverns of the Castle or at the port, and then head for a lounge drink.

About Naxos

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades and one of the most impressive, combining rich alternations in the scenery, history, sights, spectacular beaches, and a nightlife that is able to meet the tastes of even the most demanding visitor.

Naxos is one of the most historic islands of the Cyclades, which means they are rich in attractions to visit during your stay on the island. Many of these attractions are worth seeing, but what certainly stands out is the Portara and the Venetian Castle in Chora. The ANASSA NAXOS SUITES is well located in front of the castle and allows you to walk the narrow streets and feel like a local resident.



Naxos has a very vibrant nightlife with many options for entertainment and dining. In Naxos Town, which is the heartbeat of the island, you can find many restaurants to taste local delicacies. There are many clubs and bars, and also clubs with live music where you can dance and let loose until the morning. The ANASSA NAXOS SUITES is located just 50 meters from the main road of the island and provides you with instant access to all of the above while maintaining the peace and quiet needed to enjoy your holiday.

In short ANASSA NAXOS SUITES is a place worth visiting where you will meet warm and friendly people. A must for your summer vacation in Greece!



Naxos has strong winds, especially during the summer season, that create the ideal conditions for all kinds of water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. However, this is not the only activity that can be practiced on the island. Naxos also offers chances for hiking, horseback riding, cycling through beautiful trails as well as fishing, sailing, and scuba diving in the blue waters of the island. Book your Ferry tickets and Travel to Naxos!


What to do

Apart from swimming in fantastic beaches, Naxos is also famous as a great island to practice various sports.

Nearest beaches

The best beaches in Naxos are found on the western side of the island, starting from Agios Georgios and heading south until Aliko and Pyrgaki.

Eat & Drink

The centre of activities in Naxos is surely Naxos Town (also called Chora).

What to see

As the history of Naxos dates from ancient times and continues dynamically through all the Medieval era, the island has many interesting sights to visit.