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What to see

As the history of Naxos dates from ancient times and continues dynamically through all the Medieval era, the island has many interesting sights to visit. The Portara, an ancient marble gate that still stands close to the port of the Town, is probably the symbol of the entire island. A walk through Naxos Town (Chora) will also bring you to the Venetian Castle, a Medieval quarter with paved streets and elegant mansions. Today most of these mansions have been turned into shops, restaurants, and tourist accommodation.

Outside Naxos Town, the most important sightseeing is the Monastery of Panagia Drossiani, the Temple of Demeter close to Sangri, and the Two Kouros Statues. These are actually two giant statues of male figures that used to hold the roofs of temples in ancient times. Today they are found at the exact place where they were excavated, one outside the village of Melanes and the other in Apollonas.


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Nearest beaches

The best beaches in Naxos are found on the western side of the island, starting from Agios Georgios and heading south until Aliko and Pyrgaki.

Eat & Drink

The centre of activities in Naxos is surely Naxos Town (also called Chora).

What to do

Apart from swimming in fantastic beaches, Naxos is also famous as a great island to practice various sports.